New Home Affairs Minister Dr Leon Schreiber extends temporary visa concession to safeguard applicants from adverse consequences caused by processing delays

July 05, 2024

De Saude Darbandi

Leon Schreiber of the Democratic Alliance has been appointed as the new Minister of Home Affairs

We’re thrilled to see that Minister Leon Schreiber has already made significant strides in improving the Department of Home Affairs! He has just announced an extension of the blanket waiver until the end of December 2024 and has committed to renewing it well before the deadline. No doubt they this proactive approach is a refreshing change the past where the extension was done at the last minute. Minister Schreiber’s prompt action and clear communication demonstrate his dedication and competence. We knew he would be a fantastic leader, and this confirms it. While we recognize the immense challenges he faces, his early actions inspire confidence. Let’s hope he continues on this impressive path!

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