South African Citizenship

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South African citizenship can be acquired in a number of ways, including by birth, descent, naturalisation, marriage and in the event of being stateless.

The general rule for eligibility in each of the following categories are:

This applies to any person born in South Africa, with at least one parent being a South African citizen at the time of birth.

Applicable to persons who were adopted by a South African citizen, in terms of the provisions of the Children’s Act.

Late Registration of Foreign Birth
Applicable to persons who are the biological descendants of South African citizens born abroad.

Applies to persons who have been admitted to South Africa for permanent residence and have been living in South Africa for a prescribed time.

Persons who have been married to South African citizens for a prescribed period of time.

This applies to persons born in South Africa with no claim to any other citizenship status.


Retention of Citizenship
Applying to the Minister of Home Affairs to retain South African citizenship status.

Loss of Citizenship
Assistance is provided in cases where an individual loses his or her citizenship, either automatically or involuntarily.

Resumption of Citizenship
Certain individuals may apply to have their former South African citizenship reinstated.

Renunciation of Citizenship
Guidance is given to individuals who wish to voluntarily give up their citizenship status.

Confirmation/Determination of Status
We help individuals who wish to acquire written confirmation of their status in terms of the Citizenship Act.

Certificate of Citizenship Status
Assistance in obtaining a certificate confirming South African citizenship status (when in doubt, or otherwise).

We furthermore provide a number of the services provided for in the Births and Deaths Registration Act and the Identification Act. Please contact us to enquire further.